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Calorie Counting For Weightloss

When we talk about weight loss, the discussion revolves around one major topic- Calories. But what actually are these calories and how are they related to weight loss? Lets in out

What are calories?

Calorie is a unit to measure energy.

What is the meaning of the calories that are written at the back of the food product?

At the back of every food product packet you might find the details of the products and a column written as total calories. The calories are mentioned in numerical digits.

When any substance is completely burned it releases some amount of energy. This energy is calculated in the unit of calories.

So the amount of heat energy released by a substance on its complete combustion is said to be the calories contained in that product.

Relation of calories with our bodies-

We know that the food that we eat contains calories. When we do physical activities these calories are burned up to release energy. Times our activities are low that time we require lesser energy and hence lesser calories are burnt and vice-versa.

It is very important to maintain a balance between calorie intake and calorie utilization. Whenever the calorie intake per day exceeds the calorie requirement per day it results in weight gain.

Food products and calories-

All food products contain calories, some contain very low and some contain very high calories. Here are a few examples:

  • High calorie foods- Cheese, butter, oils, white breads, sugars, all processed foods, beverages, fried foods, smoothies, ice-creams, bakery products, pastries, cookies, ham, beef, sea food etc.
  • Moderate calorie foods- Rice, wheat, brown bread, whole grain meals, fruits, cottage cheese, baked products, barbeque preparations, white meat-chicken, eggs etc
  • Low calorie foods- Salads, par boiled vegetables, boiled food, oats, sprouts, fruits, curds, saline water fishes, etc.

What is the recommended calorie intake per day?

The required calorie intake varies from person to person depending upon their activities; however a recommended minimum calorie intake per day should be-
1200 calories/day for women and
1500 calories/day for men.


Is calorie counting effective in weight loss?

Yes, calorie counting is effective in weight loss.
Depending upon your activities and body requirement you can calculate how many calories you require per day and consume that much accordingly.

As a result as many calories you take in that many you burn and thus there will be no weight gain. Adjacent to this if you increase your physical exercise, this will help you to burn more calories per day.

Eventually you would be burning more calories than you consume and this will cause you to lose weight. This way calorie counting and intake of adequate calories can bring about weight loss effectively.

Difficulties in counting calories-
Calorie counting is in it self very effective, but this calculation is not easy for a non-professional or for common people.

A well qualified and experienced nutritionist/ dietician is the right person to consult for calorie counting as they exactly know the amount of calories contained in every food and the amount of calories that are burnt in various activities.

As common people we don’t have much knowledge about this.

Reading up articles on the internet or magazines or following calorie labels on the food products are not helpful in the actual calorie counting.

Most of calorie labels on the product are misleading. They give the calorie information of the product within but they don’t mention the exact type.
For e.g. 100 grams Peanuts in their raw form have contain 300 calories
             100 grams Peanuts roasted and salted form contain 450 calories
             100 grams Peanuts oil roasted and salted form contain 650 calories
A 100 grams salty oil roasted form of peanut packet may present to you calories of peanuts/100 grams= 300 calories instead of 650 calories. Hence calorie labels are often misleading and can affect the calculation a lot.


How to manage weight with calorie counting-

The best method to maintain weight with calorie counting is to avoid the high calorie foods.

Include the moderate to low calorie foods as a major part of your daily diet.

Likewise if you wish to take in a high calorie food like- pizza, cheese and fried food once in a while then make sure that you do an extra workout the next day in order to burn those extra calories.